Female Student Receiving Counselling After Second Racial Incident At Stellenbosch University

A female student is currently undergoing counselling after a second racist incident at the institution in under two weeks.

According to the management of Mattie Campus, the incident was related to a faculty dance, where racist remarks were made at a female student.

The university authorities confirmed the incident while also noting that they are in conversation with the people that attended the dance, including student reps, in their bid to probe the incident.

The victim of the racist incident – at this point unnamed – has met with the school authorities and is undergoing counselling.

Prof. Wim de Villiers, vice-chancellor of Stellenbosch University, apologised for the pain spawned by the incident while noting that the institution does not condone such behaviour.

The current incident follows another racist drama at the institution. First-year law student Theuns du Toit had been captured on video urinating on first-year agricultural business management student Babalo Ndwayana’s desk.

The incident provoked outrage across South and was yet to die when the second incident involving the female student occurred.

Babalo Ndwayana is upset with the situation and insists that the offending student must be expelled. Hed also opened a case against Theuns du Toit at a police station.

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