Femi Kuti Reflects On Life And The Miracle Of Making It To 60

The dream of many out there is to live a long and fulfilled life. But of course, not everyone gets to live long. It is what it is.

During a recent interview, Femi Kuti, the oldest son of the late afrobeat ace Fela Anikulapo Kuti, noted that he was quite shocked that he could make it to 60. (he turned 60 years on June 16). According to him, he thought he would die young.

But then, life had other plans for him. He is six decades and still healthy, which means he still has a life ahead of him.

Recalling his growing-up years, the afrobeat maestro noted that when he was much younger, he had a friend who told him he would die soon because he was too reckless. He was a teen back then, with a bike and just plain reckless.

It turned out life had a better plan for him. He’s still here and grateful because it’s a sign of grace that he hasn’t gone the way of his father. But, of course, he’s ditched the reckless robe. Now, he’s more reflective – as an elder should.

Femi Kuti is one of Nigeria’s top afrobeat voices but has been unable to beat his father’s record and legacy.

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