Flame Reacts To Emtee Saying They Are Now Cool!

Flame shares reaction to Emtee saying they're now cool

Flame finally reacts to Emtee saying they’re now cool, after feuding for two years.

In case you forgot, SA rappers, Flame and Emtee have not been in good terms for two years straight. Well, that started when the former made fun of The Hustla’s Benz situation. It didn’t end well, because Emtee replied calling him a Travis Scott wannabe.

It all now seems like yesterday. Emtee has now revealed that they have buried the hatchet. The “Brand New Day” rapper first took to Twitter, as usual, to state that he was finally ready to forgive Flame. According to Emtee, he was right at the time because he didn’t actually have two Mercedes Benz.

Fans, of course waited on the mentioned rapper to react to the revelation. Replying to a second tweet by Emtee revealing that they are cool now, Flame shared two emojis hinting at them collaborating together. This made their fans really happy.

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