Flame’s Girlfriend Comments On A-Reece’s Relationship Is Harsh

Flame’s Girlfriend Ashleigh Ogle have always incited a form of beef between Flame and A-Reece and she currently went for A-Reece’s relationship by mocking it and calling it fake.

Ashleigh and Flames relationship has been surrounded with hints of a split coming up over a period of time, although the assumptions have not been fully confirmed by both parties, but cheating as been cited as one of the reasons for the impending break up.

Some fans think the break up story might be a sort of PR stunt as Flame is set to drop a new song and it’s not a new thing for artists to incite drama for the purpose of PR for their brand

Ashleigh had mocked A-Reece’s relationship after a tweep commented with the rapper and his girlfriend Rickelle Jones during one of her long twitter rants. She replied by mocking their relationship and calling it fake.

Her rants as seen on Twitter;

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