Flex Rabanyan Replies Nota For Claiming To Be The Reason He “Fell Off”

Flex Rabanyan responds to Nota Baloyi for saying he is the reason why he “fell off” from the music scene.

Following his win on VUZU’s popular Hip Hop contest, Hustle, Flex Rabanyan was very much on top of the world. The talented emcee raked in a whole lot of fans and dropped several hits until his impact declined.

We still wonder what went wrong. The very opinionated Nota Baloyi is claiming to be the reason for this. According to him, Flex dissed him, therefore he decided to make an example of him despite Reason’s plea. He said this to “warn” other artists who are supposedly planning to “come up” dissing him.

Of course, Flex would have none of that. The talented emcee replied practically calling Nota “the unknown”. Ouch! That’s gotta hurt. He went on to state that “Jozi n***as are hectic” and ordered Baloyi to “stfu”. What do you think about these claims.

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