Flight Suspension Imminent As Cape Town Airport Contends With Aviation Fuel Shortage

A little crisis might be looming for those who fly often, especially those using the Cape Town International Airport.

The Airports Company South Africa  (ACSA) has just released a statement in which it noted that the Cape Town International Airport is facing delays as a result of the slow delivery time for aviation fuel. As a result, now it has had to ration fuel.

If the delay should persist and emergency reserves run out, it would impact light schedules in the country – something many are seriously hoping would not happen.

Regional general manager at Cape Town International Airport Mark Mclean confirmed the looking aviation crisis while noting that the current fuel being used was leftover from the previous shipment. The logic behind rationing the leftover fuel is to ensure that the airport doesn’t run out before the expected shipment arrives.

And even if the shipment should arrive right now, it wouldn’t be available for immediate use as it has to undergo routine testing to determine quality.

For many, especially travellers affected by the delay in the arrival of aviation fuel, the overriding hope is that operations don’t stall completely. It would be a loss not just for the travellers but for the airport as well.

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