Floyd Mayweather Humbles Deji In Exhibition Boxing Match – Watch

American boxer Floyd Mayweather has proven once again that he’s the champ—a pugilist to be feared and respected. He showed just how polite he is during a recent bout with Deji, whom he all but battered.

How the two ended up in the ring is something some people have been trying to puzzle out. First and foremost, Deji is a YouTuber rather than a boxer.In addition, he is not in the same league as Mayweather in the first trade.

Still, both ended up in the ring anyway in what has been dubbed an exhibition bout. Mayweather is all for exhibition matches these days after maintaining an unbeaten record for years. Clearly he’s keen not to lose that record with a professional fight, even though there have been demands from some quarters, including, reportedly, his former associate 50 Cent.

Well, during the bout with Deji, it didn’t take long for it to be obvious that it was a “mismatch” or that Mayweather was the better fighter. He stopped his rival in the sixth round.

He was magnanimous in his speech, though, encouraging his opponent to go ahead and chase his dream. He used himself as an example, noting that it took time to get to where he is.

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