Flvme Draws the Line With Fan Who Insulted His Mother

Mzansi hiphop champ was recently out of the country. When the songster returned it was obvious one of his fans was ready to draw blood. In a tweet, the fan, who goes by the handle @xxxgothalienboy, stated that Ecco, another South African hip hop act, slept with Flvme’s mother when he was away.

Ecco is one of the songsters of The Wrecking Crew (TWC) with whom maintains good relations after the group split. In fact, the pair had toured Ghana together and have collaborated on a couple of projects.

The claim that Ecco slept with Flvme’s mother infuriated so much that he responded, stating this is where he draws the line. He wouldn’t have anyone insult his mother. The fan has since deleted his tweet, but you can check out Flme’s below.

By the way, recently broke up with his girlfriend Ashleigh Ogle and was caught flirting heavily online with “Job Woods” rapper Gigi Lamayne. also claims he doesn’t listen to compatriot Costa Titch’s music.

What do you think of the troll’s claim about Flvme’s mother and Flvme’s reaction? You might want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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