Flvme Reveals Why SA Hip Hop Is Not Growing

SA Hip Hop star, has shared why he believes the popular genre is not growing.

The SA Hip Hop scene is undeniably the biggest in all of Africa and everyone knows this. Nigerian rapper, M.I once admitted this in his joint “You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Lives”.

Since the previous year, fans of the genre have accused it of being dead. Since then, rappers in Mzansi have defended Hip Hop with claims that it has never been better. However, a recent tweet by proves that while SA Hip Hop may be the biggest in Africa, it truly isn’t growing.

He shared his two cents on this. In his opinion, it’s “jus not growing because I’d how I we look at it”. He accused Mzansi of not taking pride in her artists. According to him, they break artists down instead of lifting them up. Check the tweet out below.

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