Flvme’s Cryptic Message Provokes Concern Among Fans & Colleagues

Is South African rapper Flvme okay? That is one question that is currently flying out of the lips of his fans and associates back home after he made a cryptic post online. The post suggests he might be facing a mental crisis.

In a post on his official Thread page, the songster had urged his fans to tell his mother that he loves her if he didn’t make it. Now, what is that supposed to mean? By South African standards, he has already made it as a rapper, So what?

His compatriots had a sense of foreboding, so they rushed to his comment section to encourage him and cheer him up. just to ensure that he doesn’t do anything drastic. After all, as far as some people are concerned, his post suggests that he is going through depression.

South Africans have seen enough recently to be concerned when issues of depression pop up online, especially among celebs. Just recently, the “Boss Zonke” rapper Riky Rick committed suicide after battling depression for a while. He gave cryptic clues about his depression but South Africans didn’t see it.

Now, understandably, many are more observant, ready to rally around their compatriots battling with depression

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