Flvme’s Interesting Take On Costa Titch’s Music

It is common for one artiste to listen to another. The reasons for this are legion. Inspiration. Artistic sinews. Etc. in fact, any artiste who isn’t listening to at least a couple of other artistes is liable to become musical rusty.

Mzansi rapper Flvme sure does listen to other musos, but “Made In Africa” rapper and dancer Costa Titch is not one of those he listens to.

Flvme made the statement he doesn’t listen to Cosgta Titch’s music in response to a fan who stated that “Made In Africa” gave some people period pains. he also stated he is unaware if Costa Titch has a house record. You can check out his tweet below.

By the way, days back, another notable Mzansi muso Stogie T had revealed he is not a fan of Costa Titch’s music.

Interestingly, DJ Speedsta happens to be a big fan. In fact, days back, DJ Speedsta had provoked controversy when he tweeted that Costa Titch “Made In Africa” is the best album so far released in South African .

Well, what do you think of Flvme’s claim he doesn’t listen to Costa Titch’s music? You might want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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