FNB Pop Opera Concert: Fans Comment On Minnie Dlamini’s “Perfectly Toned Legs”

Never one to miss an opportunity to show off the glamorous and comely side of her, South African actress and media personality Minnie Dlamini did just that again at the FNB Pop Opera, which had many important guests in attendance.

The much-loved media personality was the host of the event and she did well on the beat. However, most people did not appear to focus on her performance at the event but on how she turned up and how she looked. Most focused on her ambitiously cut gown which revealed “perfectly toned legs.”

The media personality herself shared slides on her Instagram of herself at the event, mic in hand, as host. She referenced her appearance there in her caption. You can check out her post below.

It seems just like yesterday when Minnie’s marriage ended – alleged over cheating on her part, something she denies to this day. Anyway, she had not let that reality hold her back, or steal her smile or even stop her from charming her fans with her appearance. She had chosen growth over whatever might hold her back or cause her to be despondent over a failed union.

Now that seems like the way to go.

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