Focalistic Conciliatory, Apologetic In Respone To Shebeshxt Following Podcast And Chill interview

South African rapper Focalistic has responded to his compatriot and fellow musician Shebeshxt, who recently called him out during an appearance on Podcast and Chill with MacG.

During the sit-down, the trending Limpopo musician noted that he thought he was cool with Focalistic but the “Ke Star” hitmakers action pointed to that being otherwise. He claimed that he performed for free at Straata Nation Address – Focalistic’s first one-man show held at the Pretoria National Botanical Gardens in the early third week of September this year.

He also noted that Focalsitic didn’t post him as well despite his performance and making a post about it after the event. He also pointed out that the venue of the show was packed because of him (Shebeshxt) and would never have been packed without him because he was trending on TikTok for his performance.

Focalistic did not deny any of his claims. Instead, he was conciliatory during an Instagram Live when he addressed the whole controversy. He said he asked Shebeshxt how much he wanted, as it was his policy to pay artists who perform at his event, but Shebeshxt said he didn’t want any money. So he was cool with that.

He also apologised for not having posted Shebeshxt the way he wanted.

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