Focalistic Details Shooting Horror By SA Police

“Sghubu Ses Excellent” muso Focalistic has detailed his experience in the hands of the South African police following an accident.

According to him, he had gotten into an accident and called the cops. He had then waited for two hours for the cops to show up. They didn’t. He rationalized that perhaps they didn’t have a vehicle to bring them to the scene of the accident.

However, when he got into a performance, cops showed up in five vans and started shooting rubber bullets at people. A fan had indicated that the cops are too quick to shoot people trying to have a good time and slow to help those in need.

Focalistic had agreed with the fan. According to Focalistic, something is actually wrong for the police to act the way they did.

Focalistic’s narration of the incident has provoked a little debate online, with some fans detailing their own experiences and why they think cops could and should do better. The debate promises to go on for quite some time.

Well, what do you think? Have you had a similar experience with cops? You’re welcome to join te conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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