Focalistic Fan Ignored by Crowd While Trying to Crowd Surf At His Show

An enthusiastic Focalistic fan was recently ignored by a crowd while trying to crowdsurf during his performance at a recent show.

We all know how crazy a Focalistic show can be. Everyone knows that the music is usually upbeat, and the audience typically has a lot of fun. Maybe way too much fun sometimes.

An enthusiastic fan got way more than he anticipated while the famous performer thrilled his audience on stage in a video making rounds on social media. The hyped-up fan attempted to crowd surf by jumping into the crowd, but they couldn’t care less about him.

He lands on his face, much to the amusement of social media users. It seems no one felt sorry for the unidentified fan because they all wondered what got into him to make him carry out such a daring move. Some asked what Focalistic thought of the bold move that might have landed the fan in a hospital.

@RichBlackWidow replied, “Madness here haebo.” @savenoho also replied, “I wonder what was on Foca’s mind.” The fan remains unidentified, and Foca has yet to react to the video. Still, social media users are having a great time reacting to the “stupid” daring move.

Watch the video here.

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