Focalistic Previews A Vigro Deep And Maradona Collaboration

Focalistic shares a snippet of a Vigro Deep and Maradona collaboratoon3

Focalistic previews new collaboration with Vigro Deep and Maradona.

The Coronavirus may be getting everyone scared but some people are not in the least bit shaken by it. In fact, they are still doing their thing and wont let it hinder them one bit.

Mzansi Hip-hop star, Focalistic recently took to his Instagram page to say a short prayer for himself and others. In his own words “no Coronavirus formed against us shall prosper, AMEN“. Alongside the prayer, he shared a preview of a collaboration he’s working on with Vigro Deep and Maradona.

He previously announced the song a while ago, now from the looks of things, he might be dropping it soon. Indeed, the spread of the virus isn’t stopping him from doing that, and for that, we are so proud. Hopefully, it drops much sooner than we expected. We really need some good music in the midst of all the chaos in the world right now.

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