Focalistic’s Nomination At This Year’s SAHHAs Has The Country Divided

Focalistic’s recent nomination for this year’s SAHHAs has the country divided.

Everyone is excited for the SA Hip Hop Awards this year. The show hasn’t even aired yet, and it has already gotten controversy on social media. The recent reveal of the Best Freshman Category got many talking. Why? Focalistic is one of the nominated artists.

The Mzansi star whose song “Ke Star” has been banging everywhere is featured on several Amapiano hits. This has many feeling he does not deserve a nomination in the Best Freshman Category. The Mzansi hit maker is nominated alongside rappers like Quickfass Cass, Benny Chill, Dee Koala and Indigo Stella.

It was only a matter of minutes before he began trending on Twitter. Some users who know him for doing Amapiano questioned his involvement in SA Hip Hop. Others were in support saying he’s a Hip Hop artist. We wonder if the questions would change anything.


Is Foca doin hip hop?

@RealMjSeate commented:

“If Focalistic is here then Porry and Kabza should be nominated too.”


“Focalistic is hip hop.”


“Forget about it. SAHHA is about who is trending more, I wouldn’t be surprised if Focalistic will be dominating cause he was trending all year with Amapiano.”

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