Former ANC Councillor Loyiso Nkohla Shot Dead, Three Others Injured

Death is inevitable, all right. But not all deaths are the same. If most people had the choice, they would like to die quietly and at a very ripe old age. But then, most times, life has other ideas and people die violently and bloodily. Sadly, South African politician Loyiso Nkohla is one man with a bloody destiny.

Of course, given a choice he would have opted for a different way to die. But death called via a different route. According to multiple reports, he was addressing a group of people at Philippi Railway Station when he was gunned down. Three other persons were injured on the scene.

The police confirmed the incident, noting that the former ANC youth leader and councillor was declared dead on the scene by the medical personnel that arrived soon after the shooting. The injured on the scene comprises two ladies and a man.

The shooter had reportedly fled the scene after committing the crime. The motive for the shooting is still unclear even as the police commence an investigation into it all.

When the news of the shooting filtered into Mzansi social media, it left many wondering if South Africa is now a nation under the gun given the sporadic shooting incidents around the country.

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