Former CJ, Mogoeng Mogoeng Trends For His COVID-19 Opinion & Government Strategies

Former Chief Justice, Mogoeng Mogoeng trends for his opinions about Covid-19 and the government’s strategies.

You may have noticed the former Chief Justice, Mogoeng Mogoeng trending all over social media and seen videos of him him sharing his thoughts on Covid-19 and some of the government’s “questionable” strategies.

In a recent interview on “Power To Truth” with JJ Tabane, Mogoeng who worked as Mzansi’s Chief Justice from September 8, 2011 to October 2021 shared his opinions about people being forced to get vaccinated. He revealed that he did not understand why people who have not been vaxed are regarded as a threat to the ones who have been double vaccinated.

In his opinion, being double vaccinated should mean that you are protected from any threat there are. When confronted with the info that some vaccinated folks were affected when the second wave hit, Mogoeng revealed that he believes that those that fear for their lives should get vaccined and “boostered and boostered and boostered”, but no one should be forced to do it.

In another video, he was seen questioning why a country as rich as SA is not considered as one of the first world countries of the world. Check out some of his opinions below and the reactions to it.


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