Former ‘Generations’ Actor Thabiso Mokhethi Shocks Mzansi With His Comments About Ancestors

Former “Generations” actor Thabiso Mokhethi has shocked Mzansi with his comments about ancestors as “monitoring spirits.”

Thabiso appeared in a podcast interview on StreetTalk With Nomstar, where he shared his views on the ancestors, portraying them as familiar and monitoring spirits. He said,

“Those are not our ancestors, queen. Those are familiar spirits who have familiarised themselves with our lives.”

“They know who you are, they know what you want, and they know what you need because the devil has monitors. They are also called monitoring spirits, and those are the same spirits that when you move away from God like me, they are able to manifest in sickness, accidents, and differing things.”

He continued, “And because you are in so much pain, and you want to heal it now, then they send agents, physical people to say, hey my man, you need to go there. The moment you go there means you are out of the presence of God because darkness and light do not dwell in one place.”

His comments prompted reactions from Mzansi. @NneteKeNnete wrote, “He made sense on some points but misled the audience on other points. Some people are misled by Gobelas stating they need to Thwasa, but some people are genuinely gifted to be a sangoma.”

TawanaM14 replied, “Depression finished dai boy. Nou onale loadshedding nyana.” @prow_II also commented, “We’re not ready for this chat.”

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