Former Miss SA Liesl Laurie Tells Men To Stop Asking Her Out In New TikTok Video

Former Miss SA Liesl Laurie calls out men at her gym and begs them to stop asking her out.

Some say the beautiful ones are not yet born, while others claim they’re already around them. Former Miss SA Liesl Laurie has been getting her fair share of admirers who are attracted to her beauty.

Unfortunately, the pretty mama is not having it. She recently took to TikTok to post a rant about the men at her gym who wouldn’t leave her alone to work out in peace and maintain her beauty. According to her, they keep approaching her to tell her how beautiful she is and ask if they can take her to lunch or breakfast.

The beautiful lady said she knows she’s pretty and does not need to hear it all the time. She also revealed she goes to the gym to maintain her beauty, but they wouldn’t let her by their constant interruption.


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