Former Mr Universe Calum Von Moger Battling For His Life After Horrific “Fall”

Former Mr Universe Calum von Moger is in hospital and reportedly battling for his life. The fitness fanatic had reportedly fallen – some sources claimed jumped – from the second floor of a storey building, critically injuring himself.

The fall came days after Calum von Moger shared what some of his fans called a troubling message on his page. In the message back then, he noted that everyone has a past, including him.

He also admitted he’d messed up many times but wouldn’t want to dwell on the negative experiences of the past. The important thing for him is to learn and move ahead. At the end of that post, he’d asked for the forgiveness of his fans so that he could keep moving forward.

Calum von Moger had fallen from the building on May 6 and devastated his spine. His friend and associate Nick Trigilli, a bodybuilder himself, confirmed the fall, noting that Calum was still in the hospital in an induced coma.

Apart from the injury to the spine, he also suffered several glass cuts on his body.  News of his fall and hospitalisation led to an outpouring of “get well soon” messages from his fans and admirers across the world.

Hopefully, he survives this.

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