Former ‘Rhythm City’ Star Bra Kop Goes Viral As Pics From His Thai Massage Dominate The Net

Former “Rhythm City” actor Bra Kop is the name on everyone’s lips as photos from his visit to a Thai Massage parlour dominate the net.

Admit it; you love seeing your favourite celebs having the time of their lives. That’s one good reason why Bra Kop has been dominating the net. His fans love how he has been chilling and enjoying his life.

We don’t know if you heard, but he previously went viral after he was spotted dancing up a storm in a taxi filled with many passengers. The video dominated social media, and everyone praised him for living well. He is in the news again for a different reason this time.

A photo of the TV star chilling at a Thai Massage parlour is what everyone is talking about. The photo was shared on the X app by Entertainment commentator Chris Excel, and the reactions to it have been wild.

The photo sees the actor being given a facial during his Thai massage visit. reported that “The Asian practice includes compression and passive stretching.” Mzansi has reacted hilariously to the trended photo, and fans are impressed that he’s having the time of his life. Check the post out below.

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