Former Romanz Singer Adam Barnard Dead Of Kidney Disease

After a protracted battle with kidney disease, Adam Barnard finally gave up the ghost, leaving his wife devastated and short of words. 

Almira Barnard announced her husband’s death in a post on May 6. She described him as having left for his heavenly home and would now be free from the pains that plagued his existence on the material plane. She expressed gratitude to those who have stood with the family in prayer and continue to do so, for that’s what the family needs at the moment. 

The late Romanz singer had battled kidney disease from childhood. He was to have received a kidney transplant in 2017. However, the potential donor, his mother, died in a car crash before the operation could be performed. 

Back in April, Almitra had noted in a statement that her husband was admitted into the hospital for a little infection. His condition deteriorated, and he had to be placed on a ventilator. He was in a coma for days and never came out of it, unfortunately. 

Almitra had announced his death via his Facebook page. Condolences have been pouring in from around the world since the announcement. 

He’ll be sorely missed for his contributions to the culture and vibrant personality.

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