Former Tennis Champ Boris Becker Details Prison Woes In New Video – Watch

At the height of his glory, he was one of the darlings of Tennis and one of the highest-paid, too. But Boris Becker has long lost his high stool and declared bankruptcy years ago.

Around June 2017, he was reportedly owing creditors £50 million and been declared bankrupt. But was he truly bankrupt at the time? A court discovery suggested otherwise.

In April this year, the former tennis champion was handed a two-and-a-half-year prison sentence for having hidden £2.5 million worth of assets and loans to ditch paying debts. Following the verdict, he was remanded in prison custody.

However, with only eight months of his sentence served, the prison doors clicked open and the former tennis champ smelled freedom again. Out now, he has a lot to tell about his stay in prison.

He had revealed, for instance, that he received death threats and feared showering with other inmates for fear of being assaulted. He delved into other issues, the details of which you can check out in the embedded YouTube video below.

Boris Becker is one of several sports celebrities who appeared to have lost it all after quitting the sport that gave them fame and fortune. But what does the future hold after his release?

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