Former UCT Vice-Chancellor Mamokgethi Phakeng & JJ Tabane In War Of Word – Video

Former University of Cape Town vice-chancellor Mamokfethi Phakeng is clearly not one to keep quiet when she observes she is being made to look foolish by another party. This much played out recently during an interview with the lawyer JJ Tabane.

Both had a sit-down on the set of “Power to Truth” and the questions and answers flowed until that scorching moment when JJ Tabane claimed that another professor had told him that Prof. Mamokgethi Phaleng was intellectually arrogant.

Those words appeared to have struck a nerve, making the professor return an equally acidic response. She asked him whether he knows how many people had told her that he was a journalistic buffon. He then mentioned the name of another journalist she felt should have done a better job in the interview. You can check out that moment below.

Mamokgethi Phakeng topped much of the headlines this week over her “forced” exit from the University of Cape Town. It was stated that her stay there had become untenable and she had to be made to go on leave “with immediate effect.” But, of course, she would not be denied her entitlements as a professor and former leader of the institution.

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