Former YoTV Presenter Lumko ‘Johnson’ Leqela Dead At 32

The old quote rings true, if people could have what they wished, they’d be only too happy to have them. But then life has other ideas. People might want to, but they don’t get to live as long as they wish.

That’s the sad reality of former YoTV presenter Lumko ‘Johnson’ Leqela, who died recently. He was 32.

His family announced his death yesterday, Wednesday, July 13, without giving details on what caused the media personality’s death. It merely noted it is saddened by his passing.

Leqela’s media adventures started with the youth-centric YoTV on 1 when he was a teenager. From there, he’d evolved markedly, becoming a writer and radio producer.

His death has been described as a loss not just to the media space but to the LGBTQIA community as well.

Those who knew him and his contributions to South African media have been recalling their best memories of him on social media and the vacuum his death left in the space. One fan described his death as unfortunate and gut-wrenching.

While it’s still unclear what caused his death, preparations are reportedly underway for his funeral. We might bring you more details, so you’re welcome to stay tuned for updates.

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