Formula 1 Returning To Kyalalmi Circuit In 2023, According To Insiders

If the information from insider sources is anything to go by, then there’s good news for South Africa’s F1 fans as the race is coming to Kyalami Circuit next year, 2023.

Formula 1 and DHL had reportedly signed a contract that would see it happen next year. And if everything should sail through, it would be the first time in three decades that the Grand Prix would be held.

For context, the last Grand Prix held a Kyalami Circuit in 1993. Since then, the show had taken place elsewhere, leaving fans of the local scene dissatisfied.

But all that is about to change now if news making the rounds are anything to go by.

On the local scene, though, reactions to the F1 returning to the Kyalami circuit have been mixed. While some South Africans, especially motorsport enthusiasts, salute the return, others are wary of it, thinking the government would have to spend money in preparation for the return to Kyalami Circuit instead of on infrastructure that would be beneficial to South Africans generally.

Anyway, amid the news, there’s yet to come official confirmation. So y’all may as well keep your fingers crossed and see what happens in the coming days. We might bring you more details.

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