Four Most Popular Gamers in the Music Industry

Gaming is a pastime that many people enjoy. For most of us, this has become almost a part of our daily routines. This is probably because of the ease of access that we all now have to play our favourite game whenever we want, wherever we want.

There is also a much bigger variety of options available to us now, as opposed to even 15 years ago. Despite this, 79% of gamers prefer to play retro games like Super Mario Bros and Pac-Man, as ExpressVPN reports. The main reason for this is nostalgia, which is also perhaps why there are more millennials who like gaming in general than the younger Gen Z members.

Now, imagine if you find out that your favourite musicians also enjoy gaming as much as you. Yet another reason to say: Stars, they are just like us! Here are some of the biggest musicians in the world who enjoy a bout of gaming in their downtime, making them even more relatable to us than ever before.

  1. Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is a global icon whose love for Pokémon is no secret. By her own admission, she has spent hours upon hours playing the game on her Nintendo Switch. She is also an avid Pokémon Go player. Those who follow her on social media would be well aware that she even has a favourite Pokémon, Eevee. In fact, Elle reported her love for this pokémon is so strong that she even got a tattoo of Eevee. Pokémon is a show that is definitely linked with nostalgia for many of us. So it’s nice to see that Ariana is also part of the same team!


Four Most Popular Gamers In The Music Industry 2
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  1. Eminem

The world-famous rapper enjoys playing a game that is the most popular with men as well as women who are into gaming. And that is Call of Duty. Fans of the game who also follow Eminem closely might be aware that his song Survivor was actually written for the release of Call of Duty: Ghosts, one of the many versions of the hit game that the rapper-songwriter enjoys playing. The song is his testimony to his love for the game.

  1. Katy Perry

Katy Perry is another musician who wrote a song for her favourite video game franchise, Final Fantasy in 2018. Her love and devotion for the game is such that not only does she spend a considerable amount of time playing it, but Final Fantasy Brave Exvius also features a character that is based on her. So, when you play this game, you can really interact with the legendary pop-star in the virtual world.

  1. Drake

Drake is world-famous for a lot of things. But it was not until he faced-off against Fortnite player Ninja that his gaming talents became public knowledge. The game happened over a streaming session where Drake revealed that he spends a lot of time playing video games in the free time he gets between recording sessions at the studio.

Four Most Popular Gamers In The Music Industry 3
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Video games are a great way to pass the time, whether you are a regular person working an office job or a renowned celebrity looking for a way to pass the time. Of course, being too emotionally invested could have adverse effects too. As long as they are a way to connect with friends or just have a bit of fun, the world of video games can be marvellous.



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