Freed From A Toxic Work Environment: Dineo Ranaka On Her firing From Kaya FM

South African media personality Dineo Ranaka has shared further details about her exit from Kaya FM, indicating that her departure from the radio station freed her from a toxic work environment.

The genesis of the whole drama was her taking to Instagram to share her mental state and troubled soul, by her own account then, she was battling with depression and was suicidal. In fact, she could have taken her own life but for her fear for her children and their welfare in the event of her death.

Kaya FM gave her some time to recover and take care of her mental health while someone else stood in for her at the station. Dineo Ranaka had flown to the United States soon after. There, she gave a talk about mental health and how power needs to look out for themselves and preserve their mental health.

While still in the United States, rumours started flying that she was in talks with Kaya FM to terminate her contract. The rumours soon shifted to her having amicably parted ways with the station.

After a brief silence, however, she came out to deny leaving the station, Instead, she clarified that she was fired from the station. Now she has added that her departure freed her from a toxic environment.

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