French-African Star Juliet Ariel Releases Amapiano-inspired Remix Single “Wish You Were Here” Feat. Soa Mattrix

French- African singer Juliet Ariel has released a South African collaboration remix of her hit single “Wish You Were Here” featuring Uthando hit-maker, DJ and producer Soa Mattrix.

Listen here:

“I’m delighted to release this mix to my fans in South Africa” says Juliet Ariel. “I’m originally from DRC, and although based abroad now, I have so much love for my fans in Africa”.

“Wish You Were Here” reads like a greeting on a postcard. It is an emotional Afro-Latin club ballad about a long distance relationship’s survival after the end of a summer love romance (ie. Juliet’s previous track “Summer Luv”). The collaboration with Laylizzy in the original track, who is best known for his song “Wacko” with King 98 and Nasty C brings a new hip-hop perspective to her previously more tropical house inspired records.

YouTube Lyric video:

The track is defined by a mesmerising mix of rhythm and emotion. Lo-fi effects on the drums and instruments bring intensity and suspense throughout the song. Juliet’s chilled toned vocals are vulnerable yet powerful while Soa Mattrix’s high-tempo amapiano beat brings a true South African feel to the song.

Talking about the single, Juliet said: “Feelings are like waves, they come and go, meaning you can’t expect a good thing to last forever. When I wrote “Wish You Were Here” I wanted to express how I felt about the end of something great. Turning my fear of loss into a powerful song was a way for me to move on and look back and smile.”

“Wish You Were Here” is available through Believe and is the second track from Juliet’s upcoming EP, “Endless summer”, which is expected later this year.

“Summer Luv”, the first track from the EP, was released on July 3rd 2020. It received playlist support from all major DSP’s including Apple Music “Pop Chill”, #1 on Deezer “Chill House”, Amazon Music “Speaking Pop” and Soundcloud “Fresh Pressed UK”.

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