French-African Star Juliet Ariel Releases Amapiano-inspired Remix Single “Wish You Were Here” Feat. Soa Mattrix

French- African singer has released a South African collaboration remix of her hit single “Wish You Were Here” featuring Uthando hit-maker, and producer Soa Mattrix.

Listen here:

“I’m delighted to release this mix to my fans in South Africa” says . “I’m originally from DRC, and although based abroad now, I have so much love for my fans in Africa”.

“Wish You Were Here” reads like a greeting on a postcard. It is an emotional Afro-Latin club ballad about a long distance relationship’s survival after the end of a summer love romance (ie. Juliet’s previous track “Summer Luv”). The collaboration with in the original track, who is best known for his song “Wacko” with King 98 and brings a new hip-hop perspective to her previously more tropical house inspired records.

Lyric video:

The track is defined by a mesmerising mix of rhythm and emotion. Lo-fi effects on the drums and instruments bring intensity and suspense throughout the song. Juliet’s chilled toned vocals are vulnerable yet powerful while Soa Mattrix’s high-tempo amapiano beat brings a true South African feel to the song.

Talking about the single, Juliet said: “Feelings are like waves, they come and go, meaning you can’t expect a good thing to last forever. When I wrote “Wish You Were Here” I wanted to express how I felt about the end of something great. Turning my fear of loss into a powerful song was a way for me to move on and look back and smile.”

“Wish You Were Here” is available through Believe and is the second track from Juliet’s upcoming , “Endless summer”, which is expected later this year.

“Summer Luv”, the first track from the , was released on 3rd 2020. It received playlist support from all major DSP’s including Apple Music “ Chill”, #1 on Deezer “Chill House”, Amazon Music “Speaking ” and “Fresh Pressed UK”.

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