Friday Tickets For Ami Faku’s “Sincerely Yours” Live Showcase Are Sold Out

Friday tickets to Ami Faku's "Sincerely Yours" Live Show sell out

Friday tickets to Ami Faku’s “Sincerely Yours” live show have all sold out.

How cool is it when your fans come through for you exactly when you need them to. That’s what makes an artiste know that truly, he or she has got an incredible following that only wants to see them thrive in the industry.

One can’t help but love talented Mzansi singer, Ami Faku’s fan base. The singer truly hit the jackpot with them, because they would show up almost anywhere and at anytime to see and listen to her sing. They’ve supported her album signing events and have recently proven to be very supportive of her upcoming show.

The “Imali” hit maker recently announced via her Instagram page that the Friday tickets to her upcoming live show were all sold out. Knowing her fans, the ones for Thursday would surely follow suit. A very big congrats to her by the way.

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