Friend Exposes Broke Duncan After Showing Off A Loaded Bank Account Balance

Duncan's friend "proves" he is broke after he showed off a loaded bank balance

’s friend proves he is broke after the rapper showed off a screenshot of a loaded account balance.

We love ourselves a good drama on social media. Sometimes we don’t know which is real and which isn’t. That’s definitely after following the drama of course.

Mzansi rapper, has been doing some very suspicious things on social media lately. The rapper previously had “his heart broken” on Valentine’s day. Up till this day, we are not sure if he was playing around or not, even though he got a broken heart haircut out of it.

He’s stirring up a new storm once again. The rapper recently challenged his followers to share screenshots of their account balance. Leading by example, he shared a screenshot of over R400,000 which seems quite surprising.

But, it didn’t end well when a friend of his commented on the post revealing that he is actually broke. The friend even shared a screenshot of their chat to prove he was telling the truth.

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