Full Lineup For Tshego’s One-Man Show

One-man shows appear to be the in-thing in South Africa these days, with several notable artists involved in it. In the past few years, we have seen musicians announce one-man shows and entertain their fans with the same, from Focalistic to Shimza.

Well, another man who has caught the one-man show fever is none other than Tshego. Yeah, the dude is holding his own one-man show.

One thing that’s unmistakable about these shows is that despite the name, it is not exactly a one-man affair. There are usually other musicians on the round to perform at the same show alongside the musicians hosting it.

Thsego’s show is no different. In spite of the name given to the show, he would be working alongside other musicians. The lineup for the event has already been released by the songster himself.

Among others, fans can look forward to performances by ARowlene, Nadia Nakai, DJ Kaymo, Gemini Major, Maglera Doe Boy, Dr Peppa, and others, You can check out the complete lineup below.

Full Lineup For Tshego'S One-Man Show 2

Following the announcement of the full lineup for the event, there is palpable excitement among fans of the songster, with most stating they can’t wait for the show to begin and for Tshego and others to take the stage.

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