“Funniest Thing Ever” – Letoya Makhene Dismisses Claims She & Wife Lebohang Pulumo Have Separated

One thing about being a celebrity is that you can’t stop people from talking. People will always talk, and most times what they say might not only hurt but also not be the reality on the ground. We have seen this play out again and again.

For Lebohang Pulumo, this played out recently when rumour hit the streets that she and her husband Letoya Makhene have parted ways. The two ladies are among the famous gay couples in South Africa’s thriving gay community.

For many with fidelities to the gay universe, the two are also among the best gay relationships out there. So, it is understandable people will pay attention when it was alleged that the couple is having issues in their relationship.

Letoya Makhene is having none of that rubbish that she and her wife have separated, describing it as the “funniest thing ever.” She also thanked her family, friends, and those who have been showing support for her union, assuring them that she and her form are still an item. You can check out her post below.

By the way, the two aren’t the first gay couples whose relationship has been rumoured ruined even when nothing had actually happened at the time.

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