Funny Nasty C Shares A ‘Cyril Ramaphosa’ And ‘Angie Motshega’ Unreleased Track

One of the most fascinating things about the hip hop industry is the fact that artists get creative and try out new things.

Multi-award-winning South African rapper, Nasty C, is known for always delivering raw creativity. The young rapper has done so again.

Taking to his Twitter page, Nasty C shared a piece of music that he has currently been working on. This new music includes the Minister of Basic Education and South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa.

The ‘Strings & Bling’ hitmaker shared a portion of him while he spat bars. He also shared more lyrics of the song he is currently working on.

A part of the lyrics read:

We were with when you were still thinking about extending the lockdown, Comrade say something now. Are you coughing, people I am sorry, Are you joking.

Titled SMA remix, the single has caught his fans’ attention and they are assuming that Nasty C had been high when he was composing and recording the song.

The upcoming single is titled ‘Eazy.’ The snippet alone is intriguing and we are looking forward to its release.

In other Nasty C news, the young rapper recently took to his Instagram page to flaunt his expensive grills and chains.

The award-winning rapper definitely has a fetish for owning expensive accessories. As far back as 2016, Nasty C reportedly purchased grills which were worth more than R100k.

With his recent show-off, it’s obvious the rapper hasn’t lost his taste for owning expensive accessories. The ‘Strings & Bling’ rapper not only sing about stuff like this, but he also owns them!

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