Future’s Leaked Metro Boomin-produced song “Slow Down” Gets Wider Release

Future and Metro Boomin's leaked song "Slow Down" gets wider release

Future and Metro Boomin’s previously leaked song “Slow Down” gets a wider release.

When Future first hit the scene, he drew a lot of attention with his unique kind of music which got massive love from fans. Some would say that they miss the old Future, who dropped the very laudable “DS2”.

Around that time, he teamed up with producer, and created some good music, some of which have not been released. Earlier this year, one of them “Slow Down” was leaked to an account associated with Future’s channel. However, no information was shared about it.

Now, it seems it is getting wider release. Taking to Twitter, shared a link to the song, which looks to be the original one. We must say, this is exciting and fans are going to love every bit of it. You might want to check it out for yourself.

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