Gaba Cannal Announces November Album Release, Watch Teaser

What has amapiano champ Gaba Cannal been up to recently? Well, now we know… It’s been a brilliant year for Mzansi DJ and producer Gaba Cannal. The coronavirus pandemic notwithstanding, the songster has released n impressive body of work, and he isn’t done yet.

In a recent Instagram post, the songster indicated that his record label Gaba Cannal Music will be releasing a new project from Eclips Mzansi dubbed “Umber” EP. He also shared a teaser of one of the tracks in the project. Titled “Zembe,” this song is a collaborative work between Eclips Mzansi and Morare.

With the prospect of new music looming in the horizon, fans are already in a state of excitement, evident in their responses to the post from Gaba Cannal. Well, we are just as excited at the prospect of sharing new music with y’all.

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Well, have you any expectations regarding the imminent project? You might want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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