Gail & Kabelo Mabalane Celebrate 9th Wedding Anniversary

At a time when couples are falling out of love as easily as they are falling into it, Gail Mabalane is happily celebrating her 9th wedding anniversary with Kabelo.

You know such news are usually things that get us all excited down here – seeing couples doing well together, holding the letters of amity, and just making each other happy.

Always one to celebrate her husband, Gail Mabalane had recently celebrated her husband’s birthday, grateful that she’s his and he’s hers. And when she turned 37 after him, the celebration and gratitude continued.

With Gail and Kabelo celebrating their 9th wedding anniversary, one may as well say the celebration continues for them.

As usual, Gail was determined it should be memorable. In a post to Instagram, she indicated that they have been together for 11 years and been married for 9. She wished both of them a happy anniversary, noting the blessedness of making the journey of life with him.

And yo, she’s got faith for another nine decades! Yeah, sis is believing God to keep her and her man for another 90 years. Now that’s the dream. And yes, we’re saying a big “amen” to that.

Happy anniversary Gail and Kabelo Mabalane! To more wins.

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