Gayton Criticizes Joslin Smith’s Mother and Her Partner For Their Actions

P.A leader Gayton McKenzie has criticized Joslin Smith’s mother, Kelly, and her partner for their actions following reports of drug abuse.

As the search for Joslin Smith heats up, there have been reports that three people were arrested by the police. It is still unconfirmed if this includes the missing girl’s mother, Kelly, and her partner, under whose care Joslin disappeared.

Gayton McKenzie, leader of the Patriotic Alliance party, who has been hands-on in the investigations, spoke out condemning the couple for their actions. Kelly had initially admitted to the politician that she and her man, Boeta, abused the drug Tik (Crystal meth).

McKenzie has spoken out about Kelly refusing his offer to help them get into a private drug rehabilitation center. He said,

“How did this little girl live in a shack with two parents who are addicted to Tik?”

“How did she feel seeing not only her parents but friends of her parents coming to use Tik at their house? This is the reality of our communities. There are hundreds of thousands of Joslins out there.”

He continued, “We should stand up, take responsibility, and create a reality for our children and grandchildren.” He also called on people to put themselves in Joslin’s shoes and prayed for help to find the girl.”

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