Gayton Slams Psychic’s Info on Missing Girl, Joslin

Patriotic Alliance leader Gayton McKenzie has slammed info by a psychic concerning the missing girl, Joslin Smith.

Everyone knows how hands-on P.A leader Gayton McKenzie has been since Joslin Smith went missing while in the care of her mother’s boyfriend. He has appeared in Live streams with the family and offered monetary rewards to anyone with information on how to find the missing child.

Also, various mediums have spoken out about the missing Joslin. Recently, a popular psychic, Kandis Starr, of the US,  claimed in a now-viral video that Joslin was abused by her stepdad. She further stated that the little girl had died and was taken “down a long, bumpy road.”

Appearing in a Facebook Livestream on Thursday, 29 February, McKenzie rubbished the psychic’s claims and said he does not believe in it. He said,

“I’m not listening to a psychic. Maybe other investigators can follow that up. I believe in prayer and the Almighty God. You can’t believe in both. I’m not following people believing in Mystic power. There is only one power.”

He had previously said he witnessed a sign that Joslin is still alive. He said,

“I saw the cross with my own eyes. I was asking God if this child is still alive. I asked God for a sign. I got cold shivers looking at it. I had to wipe my tears. That, for me, was God’s confirmation.”

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