GBV Charges Against Sonia Mbele’s Son Donell Fall Apart As Girlfriend Reokeditswe Makete Faile To Attend Court

A while back, South Africa was abuzz with news that Sonia Mbele’s son had abused his girlfriend and left her with injuries on her body. The picture of the assaulted girlfriend Reokeditswe triggered many South Africans at the time, most of who called for the prosecution of Donell.

Sonia Mbele had issued a public statement condemning her son’s actions at the time, which won her approval from across South Africa. She had also made it clear at the time that he would face the consequences of his actions. Gender-based violence is not something she can condone, having experienced the same thing herself.

The case ended up in court, but in a twist to the whole GBV saga, Reokeditswe, the complainant, failed to attend the court hearing. Her attendance was singularly important in the case. But, according to sources, she had missed the court hearing for the fifth time, indicating a lack of seriousness with the case on her part.

As a result of her chronic absence from court, Donell will no longer be charged with GBV. If indeed he hit her, he would be getting away with it.

South Africa has a serious plague of GBV, and the issue is usually taken seriously when reported.

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