GBV: Choice Kate Mathebula Admits To Beating Up Fiancé SK Khoza

In a move that puzzled some netizens because of the sheer audacity of it, SK Khoza’s fiancée Choice Kate Mathebula has just admitted to beating her man up.

Just days ago, the Kings of Joburg had shared pictures of him on his hospital bed, his hand partially damaged. In the post, which he shared on his Instagram story, he indicated that Choice had assaulted him.

The claim shocked many South Africans who were mostly used to cases of men assaulting women. The current case had tweeps scratching their heads.

Choice has further given clarity into the incident by readily admitting to assaulting SK Khoza, noting for the benefit of those who might be shocked by her admission that she “had to do it” because anyone in her position would have reacted the same way.

She said they had an argument and it ended in a physical fight. She admitted to beating SK Khoza up and then calling the police soon after as things were getting out of hand. In retrospect, she noted that she wasn’t proud of her action.

Gender-based violence (GBV) is a very serious problem in South Africa – an epidemic, according to some observers, as rarely a day passes without a report of an instance of GBV.

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