Gcinile Twala And Fiancé Grootman Allegedly Split

Makeup artist Gcinile Twala and her fiancé Grootman have reportedly broken up. The split comes precisely two months after their engagement, an event that trended on Mzansi Twitter at the time.

At the time he proposed, he’d bought her a bouquet of roses and gone on his knees, as well as gifted her a red Mercedes Benz worth half a million rand. The gesture had elicited mixed reactions at the time, with some social media users claiming that he defrauded them through forex scams to make the purchase for Gcinile.

The news of their breakup came as a surprise because only two months ago, they were all over each other, with Gcinile calling Grootman her husband.

The freelance journalist Musa Khawula had broken the news of their separation on Twitter, where he also dismissed Grootman as a forex scammer.

However, neither Grootman nor Gcinile had confirmed or denied the breakup at the time of writing. Fans running with the news that he’s broken up with her condemned him for having shared, via his Story highlights, a clip of her discharge on the bed they shared while apparently at a hotel.

This isn’t the first time the two had reportedly split, however. Previously, Grootman had left her, claiming she begged for money in public.

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