Gemini Major Acknowledges Bongani Fassie’s Role in his Music Career

has distinguished himself as one of the fine producers in the world of South African music. The songster, who was born in Malawi, recently traced his music roots and his inspiration.

Gemini Major, who recently celebrated his birthday, received a birthday shout-out from fellow muso Bongani Fassie, son of the late Brenda Fassie.

While acknowledging the shout-out, Gemini had commented that he started music because he really wanted to be like Bongani Fassie, a figure that’s inspired him from the start.

At the moment, ’s name isn’t buzzing on the music circuit in Mzansi. But then the muso is unarguably a fine voice in South African music and one you should have no regrets electing to listen to.

By the way, fans recently criticized ’s verse in Aka’s song “Energy.” The criticism is not something that will keep him awake in bed, though. In fact, the producer had thereafter treated fans to a preview of a new tune titled “Loke Loke” and bid his fans call him by the name “Mr Man.”

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