Gemini Major Defends Nasty C

Gemini Major Defends Nasty C and Slams Nota

Gemini Major slams Nota for criticising Nasty C’s new drop.

There is no week that passes without drama in the SA Hip Hop industry. It is either someone claims to be the greatest of all time, or someone talks about their haters, or in most cases, someone criticises another artist’s work.

We have become so used to all this that it comes as no surprise. Nasty C dropped off his 5th single and it got some mixed reactions. If you’ve heard it then you know he raps in Zulu on it. As expected, it is titled “Zulu Man”.

Nota, Kwesta’s former manager took to social media to pan the song, saying Nasty should go back to the drawing board because he hasn’t improved as a rapper. He also stated that he’s the reason why the “Eazy” rapper started rapping in Zulu. This prompted a reply from Nasty’s biggest fan, Gemini Major. He shot back at him saying;

You got Nasty to start rapping in Zulu ? ,you giving yourself way too much credit chief ,No disrespect but your opinions are no longer credible!”

“Niggas are out in the studio sleepless nights,working hard, ,you wanna come listen to a nigga sitting on the phone come take all that shit away because he thinks he knows better ,You don’t belong in the music industry.Go start a YouTube channel.”

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