Gemini Major Gives His Opinion On Boity Thulo’s Rap Delivery

Gemini Major expresses his opinion about Boity's rapping skills.

The hip hop genre is one of the competitive areas in the music scene. The South African hip hop industry is no exception.

They are talented artists in the industry that one would start to wonder what they think of each other. Some artists have expressed their views and opinions regarding their fellow artists. Several relationships have started and crumbled, and ‘beefs’ have begun and continued because of these artists’ opinions about each other.

Talented rapper, Gemini Major, has recently come out to express his opinion about Boity Thulo’s rap.

The TV personality, social media influencer, actress, and rapper, has shown her fans that she is truly multi-talented. Her rapping skills have made her win more hearts. The talented rapper has released two singles titled ‘Bakae’ and ‘Wuz Dat,’ and she is still one of the most remarkable names in the hip hop scene.

Listening to her singles, her fans have been anticipating more music from the rapper.

Talented rapper, Gemini Major, is currently working on a big album. He revealed that several rappers will feature on the album. We do hope that Boitumelo Thulo will be one of them.

Gemini Major took to Twitter to express his opinion about Boity’s rap.

He wrote:

Boity’s delivery us always in the pocket.

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