Gemini Major Hankering For Collaboration With Bongani Fassie

Mzansi producer Gemini Major has never hidden his admiration for Bongani Fassie, the only son of late pop queen Brenda Fassie. Not only does he love Bongani, he would very much love to work with him.

In a tweet on 4 October, Gemini had noted once again that Bongani was his idol. He added that a collaboration with Bongani Fassie would do much to his soul. Bongani had commented that one day the two of them would work together. He gave no specifics. You can check out his tweet below.

Although there is no talk yet the pair has agreed to work on anything together, fans are clamoring for them to hit the studio soon.  One fan even stated that a collabo between the pair was what he signed up for (his reason for following Gemini Major on Twitter).

Given how fans have been clamoring for a song from the two producers, the guess is that whatever eventually pops from their kitty might be a hit with fans. Right now Bongani appears to be focusing on creating a biopic of his mother.

Perhaps after that, he might work with Gemini Major on a new song. Who knows? Stay tuned, y’all. We” bring you the number if it drops.

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