Ghanaian “Goat” Rapper, Ay Poyoo Wants A Collab With Sho Madjozi

Ghanaian "Goat" rapper, Ay Poyoo is asking for a Sho Madjozi collab

Ghanaian “Goat” rapper, Ay Poyoo wants a collaboration with “John Cena” rapper, Sho Madjozi.

The year has been good for hilarious Ghanaian rapper, Ay Poyoo who went viral with the video of him performing his song “Goat”. Literally everyone found that hilarious, and it brought him into the limelight.

Now, he’s looking to cement his place on the spot with another single which he calls “a very special record”. But, he’s looking to land a huge fish to collaborate with him on this one. He’s asking for a collaboration with Sho Madjozi. The “Goat” rapper took to Twitter to reveal his intentions for the song, asking fans to retweet it till the “Kona” hit maker sees it.

Reacting to the tweet, Sho asked if he was the guy of “I’m the goat mmeeeee”. Madjozi’s fans urged the rapper to collaborate with the Ghanaian star. Some asked her to do it for the culture. We really would love to hear them on a song together.

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