Ghislaine Maxwell Found Guilty Of Sex Trafficking In Jeffrey Epstein Sex Abuse Case

British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell has been found guilty of helping Jeffrey Epstein sexually abuse teenage girls. A jury found her guilty on Wednesday in a sitting that drew global attention.

A jury sitting in the United States had found Maxwell, 60, guilty of recruiting young girls for Epstein, who, incidentally, was her former boyfriend.

A six-count charge was preferred against Maxwell, and she was found guilty in five of them, including sex trafficking. With the conviction, she might face up to 65 years in jail.

Maxwell’s conviction was seen as the highlight of the sex trafficking case since the supposed key in the whole drama, Epstein, killed himself in his Manhattan jail in 2019.

During Maxwell’s trial. Four ladies had testified that Maxwell was instrumental to their abuse by Epstein. Maxwell’s attorneys had countered that the women were motivated by money.

The ladies dismissed those claims, however, insisting that they were merely motivated by a desire for justice. One of the women, known simply by her first name Carolyn, insisted that money can never fix what Maxwell had done to her.

Throughout the trial, Maxwell remained calm, with an expressionless visage that sought out her siblings at some point. Her attorneys are set to appeal.

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